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Orthodontics for children

These days, children wear their braces with confidence – almost every second child receives orthodontic treatment. Important is the right timing – the right point of time depends on each child’s personal development. It’s why the age of the child plays less of a role than the so-called findings of tooth eruption of the permanent teeth. The moment when the adult teeth break through is different with every child. Regular orthodontic treatment begins at about the age of nine or ten years and it is about the time when secondary dentition sets in. We can utilise the increased growth of the facial bones to correct malocclusions like that of the overbite, underbite and crossbite.

If you visit us regularly with your child, we have the chance to keep an eye on any anomalies in the jaws and can begin at an early stage with a systematic orthodontic therapy. Whether a fixed brace is a possibility or whether a removable one is sufficient is something that has to be decided from case to case. In the end, you can look forward to perfect teeth and perhaps even an appearance here on our website – as “Smile of the Month”.