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Orthodontics for adults – at any age

Many of our patients are surprised when they hear that orthodontic treatment is also possible for adults. Teeth are flexible and malocclusions can be corrected at every age – it only takes a little longer for adults than for our younger patients. Our older patients value more inconspicuous solutions – trendy braces like the ones popular amongst kids at the moment are out of the question. We therefore concentrate on tooth-coloured brackets and wires for adults. Transparent, removable splints are also used.

Please get in touch if your teeth are giving you trouble or when your jaws are causing your teeth problems due to a malocclusion which in turn can lead to complaints like, for example, tension in one’s head or neck. We’ll straighten things up.

straight teeth

We can also straighten the teeth of adults through orthodontics. Just get in touch.

“Adults don’t have to put up with misaligned teeth.”

Silvia Groß-Hardt

“It’s a pity when people are ashamed of their smile. It’s also possible to get straight teeth in adulthood.”

Svenja Arnds

“Some patients feel crooked teeth are optically annoying. The problem in the main can be corrected orthodontically.”

Iris Jansen-Lamers